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Although more than 100 different types of RNA modifications have been characterized across all living organisms, surprisingly little is known about the modified positions and their functions. Recently, various high-throughput modification sequencing methods have been developed to identify diverse post-transcriptional modifications of RNA molecules. In this study, we developed a novel resource, RMBase (RNA Modification Base,, to decode the genome-wide landscape of RNA modifications identified from high-throughput modification data generated by 18 independent studies. The current release of RMBase includes ~ 9500 pseudouridine (¦·) modifications generated from Pseudo-seq and CeU-seq sequencing data, ~ 1000 5-methylcytosines (m(5)C) predicted from Aza-IP data, ~ 124 200 N6-Methyladenosine (m(6)A) modifications discovered from m(6)A-seq and ~ 1210 2'-O-methylations (2'-O-Me) identified from RiboMeth-seq data and public resources. Moreover, RMBase provides a comprehensive listing of other experimentally supported types of RNA modifications by integrating various resources. It provides web interfaces to show thousands of relationships between RNA modification sites and microRNA target sites. It can also be used to illustrate the disease-related SNPs residing in the modification sites/regions. RMBase provides a genome browser and a web-based modTool to query, annotate and visualize various RNA modifications. This database will help expand our understanding of potential functions of RNA modifications.[1]

More than 100 distinct chemical modifications to RNA have been characterized so far. However, the prevalence, mechanisms and functions of various RNA modifications remain largely unknown. To provide transcriptome-wide landscapes of RNA modifications, we developed the RMBase v2.0 (, which is a comprehensive database that integrates epitranscriptome sequencing data for the exploration of post-transcriptional modifications of RNAs and their relationships with miRNA binding events, disease-related single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and RNA-binding proteins (RBPs). RMBase v2.0 was expanded with ~600 datasets and ~1 397 000 modification sites from 47 studies among 13 species, which represents an approximately 10-fold expansion when compared with the previous release. It contains ~1 373 000 N6-methyladenosines (m6A), ~5400 N1-methyladenosines (m1A), ~9600 pseudouridine (¦·) modifications, ~1000 5-methylcytosine (m5C) modifications, ~5100 2'-O-methylations (2'-O-Me), and ~2800 modifications of other modification types. Moreover, we built a new module called 'Motif' that provides the visualized logos and position weight matrices (PWMs) of the modification motifs. We also constructed a novel module termed 'modRBP' to study the relationships between RNA modifications and RBPs. Additionally, we developed a novel web-based tool named 'modMetagene' to plot the metagenes of RNA modification along a transcript model. This database will help researchers investigate the potential functions and mechanisms of RNA modifications.[2]